I have been very unhappy with the choice of candidates and have been saying for some time now that because of the 2 party system and the way the electoral college is the deciding factor that my vote really wouldn't count. I had resolved for the first time since I came of age and was able to vote that I would not. I was very involved in the last 2 presidential elections, talking to everyone that I knew about the candidates and the issues, making sure that all my friends and family were registered and were going to vote, even writing letters to the editor of our local paper to make sure that my voice was heard. I became very disillusioned after the outcome of the last 2 elections and decided that no matter what I did, it made no difference. So even up to early this morning, I had planned to opt out of the circus this time around. So why did I find myself pulling into the parking lot of the town hall this morning rather than just driving by on my way to work? What it all boils down to is this: no matter my thoughts about whether my individual vote actually counts or not, I felt it necessary to be part of the process. I voted. I voted not for or against a particular candidate, but for the ideal....for the hope that it can still work and still mean something.


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