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You are from Pluto!

20% Pluto

Well, well. So you are from Pluto, eh? I’m not surprised at all.

Pluto was once considered to be a cold and distant planet and the furthest away from the sun. Now it is one of the dwarf planets in our solar system. It was discovered in 1930, and has been quite an enigma.

It’s named after the Roman god Pluto who was originally the god of metals and then also took on the role of god of the underworld. He had a way of digging things up and bringing them out to the open. If he was an alien on the planet I’m sure he became quite popular and perhaps even a little bit scary.

But what does this mean about you?

Well, first off it means that you don’t like secrets. You will dig until you get to the truth, even if it means that you have to stir things up a bit in order to do it. You would probably make a great detective. You tend to notice things around you.

You have a life altering personality about you. If things aren’t going well you have no trouble pulling out what you think is bad and rebuilding. You could probably go somewhere totally new and be able to make a new life for yourself without the same problems other people might have. You have a strong will and are very motivated.

My only hope is that you don’t try to take over the world. It would never be the same again. But, on the other hand, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

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