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I Love Crows (an EP post)

I love seeing them hanging out in the trees in the morning. They can be very loud when they are grouped together like this. Sometimes when I put corn out for the turkeys the crows will come onto my lawn to investigate. They want to see if I put out anything that they would like. I have read that crows are omnivores but they don't seem to like the corn very much. I have also read that crows are very intelligent. I think that it would be cool if they would become friendly like the squirrels do so that they might come up and eat out of my hand. I will have to experiment with that.

I once saw a huge flock of crows circling and diving in the sky. It was right after a big storm and the sky was still dark with heavy rainclouds. I tried to estimate the size of the flock and I think that it must have been over 150 or so. I had never seen that many crows in one place before. They just kept circling and diving overhead. I watched their airobatics for the better part of an hour and they were still going strong when I went back inside my house.

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I've never seen a group of crows this big---only pigeons.